Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, 2018-03-23

Projects 2017

  • Surface functionalization to support cell setting (PI Dr. Neffe)
  • Realizing stable secondary structures in peptidomimetics for biomaterial applications (PI Dr. Neffe)
  • Enzymatic synthesis od hydrogels (PI Dr. Neffe)
  • Salt - induced polymer degradation (PI's Prof. Taubert, Dr. Schulz)
  • Probing the interactions at interfaces of biomaterial and cells (PI Prof. Löhmannsröben)
  • Adaptive membranes for drug release control from particulate carriers (PI Dr. Wischke)
  • Analysis of interface properties of multiblock - copolymer particles and its impact on biological recognition (PI's Dr. Wischke, Dr. Kratz)
  • Polymer - based drug carrier for treatment of infected implants and soft tissue (PI's Dr. Wischke, Dr. Trampuz)
  • Multi - compartment microparticles as drug carriers (PI Dr. Wischke)
  • Role of the surface of microparticulate vaccine carrier in cellular recognition and uptake (PI Dr. Wischke)
  • Synthesis and biological evaluation of cyclen based metalloproteases (PI's Prof. Kulak, Prof. Taubert)
  • WGM - based analytics and characterization of biocompatible materials (PI Prof. Kumke)
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