Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, 2018-04-20

Travel grants for presenting at international conferences

Doctoral researchers of the Helmholtz Graduate School for Macromolecular Bioscience (MacroBio) are encouraged to attend international conferences dealing with all aspects of macromolecular bioscience and biomaterials. The MacroBio Graduate School can offer travel grants to doctoral researchers of the School. A short application with the reasons of why this conference is important has to be submitted to the MacroBio coordination office. Please use the form provided for application for a MacroBio travel grant, which can be accessed at the coordination office or on request. The application should also include the submitted abstract and an estimate of the entire costs. Please differentiate between travel, accommodation and conference fees if possible. A recommendation of one of the supervisors of the applicant supporting the application by scientific reasons will support the grant application. Travel grant holders are obliged to travel economically. It must be also mentioned if other travel grants are available for this conference and if the applicant will also submit an application to the other funding body.

Travel grants are granted depending on the quality of the abstract, merit, and relevance of the conference. Travel grants can only be given if money is available in the MacroBio budget. As a guideline the MacroBio Graduate School will pay 1500 € for international conferences overseas and a maximum of 750 € for conferences within Europe. Covering of higher expenses is possible but an exception; these cases are decided by the steering committee. Doctoral researchers who have not yet received a travel grant will receive funding in prevalence to those who already received funding. Travel grants to German National Meetings will not be supported. Within four weeks of returning from the conference doctoral researchers, who received a MacroBio travel grant, will have to give a presentation summarizing the conference. This presentation can be organized within the own research group.

Submission deadlines

There are six submission deadlines per year:
31 January, 31 March, 31 May, 31 July, 30 September, 30 November

Application requirements

Please submit:

  • the submitted conference abstract
  • a confirmation from the conference organizers
  • a recommendation letter of the supervisor (MacroBio PI)
  • an estimate of the costs
  • the scientific program of the conference
  • a completed application form (also available at the coordination office)
MacroBio Travel Grant Application Form